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Axis Annuity Plan

The gradual introduction of Defined Contribution schemes into the pension system in Ghana points to the fact that workers now have a role to play in ensuring retirement income adequacy. The 3-tier pension system has expanded avenues for savings toward retirement in Ghana. These avenues include the mandatory schemes (tier 1 i.e. SSNIT and tier-2 occupational pension) and the Voluntary tier-3 scheme.

With all these options, saving for retirement should be easier for Ghanaian workers. What is not so easy is the discipline to safeguard these savings for retirement income. Depleting funds earmarked for pension before official retirement is commonplace. Spending your retirement funds during active service jeopardizes your retirement plan as it is easier to grow a lump sum amount into a bigger retirement pot than starting to rebuild from scratch.

Indeed as humans, our financial demands increase as we age. Therefore our need  for funds will not ease during retirement. That is why the judicious use of retirement savings is of utmost importance. Lump sum benefits received from Tiers 2 & 3 schemes should therefore be managed prudently to derive supplementary retirement income. The best way to achieve this is to convert one’s lump-sum benefits into a steady stream of retirement income. This is possible through the Axis Retirement Annuity Plan (ARAP).

ARAP is an investment package under the Axis Pension Plan that converts one’s lump-sum benefits from pension/provident funds or savings schemes into a stream of regular incomes for life. This ensures that funds saved up for retirement are not depleted but last throughout retirement. ARAP is ring-fenced to provide retirees with monthly incomes while ensuring the growth of their invested capital.

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About Axis

Axis Pension Trust Ltd (APTL), a leading company in the retirement savings industry in Ghana, was incorporated in September 2010 and obtained a license as a Corporate Trustee from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in March 2012.

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