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Cedar Pension Scheme

The Cedar Pension Scheme is a Defined Contribution (DC), Master-Trust Scheme that offers an economically efficient pension vehicle for administering the statutory tier 2 pension contributions of workers.

The Fund offers a default lifecycle option designed to accommodate different investment preferences of participants as they approach retirement.

Members who elect to choose their own investment plans can modify their investment plan every five years as their circumstances change. This is done automatically for participants on the default lifecycle option.

With more than 350 participating institutions, the Fund is open to employers that have 10 or more workers with monthly contributions not less than GHS1,500. Because the Cedar Pension scheme is an occupational scheme, only participating employers can register their employees on the scheme.
Employers are required to remit 5% of employees pensionable salary to the Cedar Pension Scheme. Contributions payments and associated remittance data should be submitted before the 14th of every month.

Leaving Employment
Members can transfer their benefits to and from the scheme whenever they change jobs. At the election of a participant, benefits can also be preserved in the scheme, though one may change jobs.
Payment of Benefits

Benefits from the scheme are paid either as lump sum or as programmed withdrawals upon retirement. In the event of death, death benefits are paid to nominated beneficiaries of the worker through the sponsoring employers.

Why join the Cedar Pension Scheme ?

  1. Competitive fee structures.
  2. Competitive investment returns.
  3. Low expense ratio
  4. Automatic switching from one investment plan to the other as employees' life cycle and circumstances change.
  5. Professional management.


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About Axis

Axis Pension Trust Ltd (APTL), a leading company in the retirement savings industry in Ghana, was incorporated in September 2010 and obtained a license as a Corporate Trustee from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in March 2012.

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