Micro Pension Scheme

Most informal sector workers are set in their trade by age 18 and by age 60, the reality of old age sets in. Unfortunately, because of inadequate savings for old age, most of them are unable to retire. This is how life turns out when you fail to plan. But the future can be better with a plan.

The Axis Micro Pension Plan is an investment scheme designed for self-employed and irregular income earners to save for old age with flexibility to withdraw part of the investment for emergencies.

There is also an insurance cover of GHS20,000 to cushion contributors in the event of medical incapacitation or death. Download brochure or Open Account to begin the journey to your financial peace of mind.



About Axis

Axis Pension Trust Ltd (APTL), a leading company in the retirement savings industry in Ghana, was incorporated in September 2010 and obtained a license as a Corporate Trustee from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in March 2012.

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