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No matter how good the investment performance, an investment scheme is set to lose credibility if its administration and customer service are poor. As an independent administration company, Axis Fund Services serves as the link between Trustees/Board of Directors on one hand and the sponsoring employers, members and service providers on the other hand. Our services eliminate unnecessary cost and enhances the operational efficiency of collective investment schemes. At the moment, Axis Fund Services is the preferred administrator for pension schemes, provident funds, mutual funds, investment clubs, Group Investment Schemes and welfare schemes.

Our responsibilities include the maintenance of member records, reconciliations of accounts, and coordination of contributions payment, benefit redemption, net assets determination, communication with scheme members and preparation of financial and compliance reports. Our innovative approach is designed to create an efficient front office and back office administration business through the support of our tailor-made scheme administration and fund accounting systems that guarantees full customisation support.
Our existing administration infrastructure has the capacity to administer over 1,000,000 individual accounts.  The fact that our software (AXIFaS®) was developed in-house gives us the ability to tailor the system to meet your present needs and future requirements. No matter the complexity of your administration needs, you can rely on AXIS Pension Trust to provide you with cutting-edge market leading services.



About Axis

Axis Pension Trust Ltd (APTL), a leading company in the retirement savings industry in Ghana, was incorporated in September 2010 and obtained a license as a Corporate Trustee from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in March 2012.

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