Scheme members close to retirement are required to prepare adequately on what the next phase of their lives should be like. Without adequate information on what to expect and how to live, they are most likely to encounter pitfalls which they might not have adequately planned for.

Based on this background and the requirement by NPRA in a recent directive to periodically engage members who are 57 years or older on their impending retirement, we believe the Axis Pre-retirement Seminar adds value to the Axis retiree and stand them out from the rest of the crowd. The discussions at the seminar are very informative as well as instructing and ensure attendees are equipped before their retirement journey.

Program Outline


10:00 am - 10:01 am

Opening Prayer


10:01 am - 10:06 am

Welcome Address

Purpose of the Webinar


10:06 am - 10:21 am

Presentation 1

What to Expect at Retirement


10:21 am - 10:41 am

Presentation 2

My Retirement benefits-Tier 1


10:41 am - 11:01 am

Presentation 3

My Retirement Benefits-Tier 2 & 3


11:01 am - 11:21 am

Presentation 4

Managing your Benefits to last your Retirement


11:21 am - 11:41 am

Presentation 5

Healthy Living in Retirement


11:41 am - 12:11 noon

Q & A with Panel


12:11 am - 12:15 noon

Closing Prayer



Enjoy highlights of past editions of the Pre-Retirement Seminar
hosted by Axis Pension Trust.


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