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Third Party Fund Administration Services

Axis Pensions Ltd provides third party scheme administration services to employers, associations, organizations and other sponsors of pensions/investment schemes at a fraction of what it would ordinarily cost to administer such investment schemes in-house. No matter how good the investment performance of an investment scheme, that scheme loses credibility in the eyes of its members if scheme administration is poorly executed. This is where Axis Pensions Ltd comes in to leverage on its expertise in administering schemes of all sizes so the sponsoring organization can focus on its day-job.

As third party Schemes Administrator, Axis Pensions Ltd will handle the coordinating contributions, reconciliation of investment and custodial/banking activities, member scheme communications, the provision of member benefit statements and processing of benefit payments. Axis Pensions Ltd. will also be responsible for scheme accounting and work with external scheme auditors to provide timely financial reports to scheme members, employers and the regulator.

Members of schemes administered by Axis Pensions Ltd, as a third party Schemes Administrator, also benefit from our professional negligence and directors’ liability insurance policies taken insulate scheme owners and members from genuine administration errors.

Owners/sponsors of pensions and/or investment schemes may contact Axis Pensions Ltd for further enquiries on our third party schemes administration service.


Axis Pensions Ltd (APL) is a limited liability company formed to provide Pension administration and its allied services due to the new pension legislation and ongoing pension reform in Rwanda.